100% organic Sicilian wines

All the flavor of true Sicilian natives

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We produce 100% organic, single-varietal and blend wines.

GRILLO and nero d'avola

Native Sicilian grapes vinified in purity

100% organic wines

Clusters are chosen with the utmost care, with total respect for nature and its cycles. 

Wine culture, soil and plant analysis, vine protection but also precise winemaking. The wines we create are the faithful embodiment of our philosophy.

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A modern winery with a wise tradition

Villa Carumè wines come from grapes grown in the Sicilian sun and caressed by sea breezes, in a state-of-the-art, BIO-certified winery, where the most innovative technologies are used, following policies of respect for the environment and care for the land.

A state-of-the-art winery equipped with the latest equipment to transform vigorous raw material into excellent wine production.

We have large facilities for processing and refining a wide range of products for markets around the world.

We find all the poetry of our knowledge in the family barrel cellar, where we host friends and winelovers on tours and cellar visits.


Our white wines

☀️ Grillo 100% Sicily Doc

Brilliant golden yellow color, with an intense and elegant aroma reminiscent of citrus and orange blossom. The taste is enveloping and fruity, excellent with pasta dishes and fried fish.


🦐 White Terre Siciliane IGT

Straw yellow with bright green highlights, intense aroma with hints of white summer fruit. An enveloping and aromatic wine, it pairs perfectly with vegetable first courses and fried fish.


Our red wines

🍷 Nero D'Avola 100% Sicilia Doc.

Ruby red color with purple highlights, with intense aromas of ripe red fruits, wild blackberry with delicate hints of licorice. The taste is full, soft, pleasantly vinous and balanced, excellent with medium-aged cheeses and baked meat with potatoes.


🍷 Nero D'Avola-Syrah

Purplish color with intense aromas of ripe red fruits and Mediterranean scrub. Full, smooth, pleasantly vinous, balanced and spicy taste, it is excellent with baked meats and spicy dishes.


🍷 Syrah from slightly dried grapes.

Deep red color with purple hues, it offers notes of oriental spices and hints of caramel on the nose. The taste is of ripe red berry fruit and plum, balanced and spicy, lingering with balanced acidity, goes well with braised and roasted meats.

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Centuries-old traditions from the heart of Sicily

Villa Carumè wines are produced in the northwest part of the island, an area with a special vocation for producing high-quality grapes.

Love for the earth

We cultivate our roots with respect and a long-term vision, enhancing the potential of our wonderful territory and taking our wines around the world as testimonials of a millennial culture of beauty.

A one-of-a-kind winery

Nestled in an enchanting landscape where the deep blue of the sky plunges over the red earth of Sicily, the winery is surrounded by spectacular vineyards in an unforgettable natural setting.

Environmental and product certifications

We produce 100% organic wines while respecting the environment, with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies that skillfully blend tradition and innovation.