100% organic Sicilian wines


Farm and winery

A modern, BIO-certified winery where the most innovative technologies are used, following policies of respect for the environment and care for the land.

Contemporary architecture

The winery is the result of a slow and painstaking renovation of an ancient baglio dating back to the 18th century, respecting the original criteria in a structure with its own needs for functionality and efficiency.

Lands of Sicily

About 130 hectares with a particular vocation for the native Nero d'Avola and Grillo grape varieties, but also optimal for the well-known Syrah.

Discovering nature

The vineyards are located in the heart of western Sicily, between Mazara del Vallo and Trapani, at an altitude between 100 and 600 meters above sea level with a mild, breezy climate.


Our vineyards

Between Mazara del Vallo and Trapani, a paradise where mild winters alternate with warm breezy summers, with saline soils affected by the influence of the sea that lies not far away.



Hectares: 65 hectares
Altitude: 120-150 meters above sea level
Latitude: 37°41'13''N
Longitude: 12°31''47''E
Grape varieties: Nero d'Avola, Perricone, Insolia, Grillo, Lucido, Zibibbo
Area: Fairly flat. Exposure is on all sides. The soil is medium-textured, tending to clayey with outcropping skeleton. Two artificial lakes inside the bottom provide water supply for the cultures.



Hectares: 26 hectares
Altitude: 150-250 meters above sea level
Latitude: 37°46'23.43''N
Longitude: 12°42'57.32''E
Grapevines: Syrah
Area: With many flat areas and some slightly sloping. In the flat part the vines are exposed on all fronts while in the hilly part the exposure is slightly southward. The soil is of medium texture, with much clay presence and abundant skeleton. A large artificial lake is present within the bottom.



Hectares: 3 hectares
Altitude: 315 meters above sea level
Latitude: 37°55'27.04''N
Longitude: 12°50'28.57''E
Grapevines: Grillo
Area: The land is located within a small basin between high hills that reduce the plants' exposure to the sun, favoring a good temperature range. Special feature: it offers a fascinating panorama that sweeps all the way to the Temple of Segesta.


We work under the banner of sustainability

The vineyards are managed entirely organically, as certified by SOIL AND HEALTH.

In addition, the winery is VIVA and SOSTAIN certified, two voluntary certifications specific to the wine industry and among the most recognized in the international wine scene.